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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: [doc] Where should the DITA source files be checked in?
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 23:03:29 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> Andrew McIntyre wrote:
>> ...
>> - derby/site: Jean had a reason for not keeping them in derby/site. If
>> <snip /> 
> Building the web site is an all or nothing deal ...  Depending on
> the specific change, processor speed, memory, and whatever else might be 
> happening on the system, it can take 15 minutes (2.2 GHz processor / 2 
> GB ram) or 60 minutes (330 MHz processor / 1 GB ram).
<snip />

Back to Dan's suggested list:

> I think you need a vote to decide the location, giving various options.
> E.g. under derby/code, derby/docs, derby/site etc.

If we created a new derby/docs location in svn, it could be 
forrest-based (or not), and the result of building that source could be 
copied to forrest/site. derby/docs could thus only be built when it changes.

If we wanted to store doc source under derby/code, derby/docs could 
point to that source -- and thus, keep any processing clutter out of the 
code tree.


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