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From Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalam...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Single JDK14 compile model?
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 01:47:34 GMT
Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Kathey Marsden wrote:
>> I think there are not only maintenance and development issues with
>> having multiple branches for the jvm versions,  but usability issues as
>> well. Suddenly users have to think of which set of jar files to
>> download, we need to document when and why to use which and they may
>> need to download a different jar when they upgrade their jvm.     All in
>> all I am not a big fan of this proposal.
> I believe that the decision to change JVM (be it vendor or version) is 
> a major decision especially in a production environment. Having to use 
> a different jar file for the database would be relatively minor 
> concern given the level of proving that would be done with the new JVM.
> Add to that if someone is upgrading JVM version there is a good chance 
> they are also going to upgrade database version as well, which would 
> be a different jar anyway.
  Not always true. Reverting back to an old jvm is easy in case of  a 
problem, but that is not always  true with the databases :-)
  Once the database is upgraded , it is not easy to  revert back to an 
old verions that easily. 


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