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From Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalam...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Overly conservative on reserved words?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 22:24:28 GMT
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:

>Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>>Reserving additional words from the second group poses a bigger issue as
>>users' may have databases out there already using these words as
>>identifiers. The smoothest path is probably to give people an indication
>>of which words will need to be reserved at some point and hence should
>>be avoided; it is better for us to do this earlier than later.
>Actually having even keywords defined as reserved by the SQL Standard
>reserved in Derby has caused problems. I recently changed LOCAL not to
>be a reserved word as other databases do not enforce it. We probably
>need some set rules, but reserving because the SQL standard says so it
>not the approach taken by other products.

I agree that words should not be reserved when it is not needed. Just 
wondering what should developers
need to do in future if a  SQL standard word  is put into  an 
un-reserved list (warning list)  need to be used
in the future releases ? as it is likely to break an existing 
application on an upgrade.


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