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From Edward Rayl <er...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: Overly conservative on reserved words?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 21:00:56 GMT
Satheesh Bandaram wrote:

>Take for example, the recently
>added UNION/INTERSECT DISTINCT clause. This doesn't add any new
>functionality to Derby, since the default is the DISTINCT. Having this
>syntax will create problems for migrating to DB2, Oracle, Informix. (I
>only briefly searched for support in Oracle 10i database. They don't
>seem to have it.)
Oracle 10g does not support the ANSI EXCEPT operator. It does support 
UNION and INTERSECT. However, it does not support the use of the ALL 
keyword with those set operators. However, Oracle does intend to support 
all the ANSI set operators and their keywords in a future release.

A minor note -- you really meant Oracle 10g, not 10i

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