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From Brenda Reyes <br9...@yahoo.com>
Subject [doc] updatable ResultSets
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 19:34:51 GMT
Hello all, 

Since Derby now supports updatable ResultSets, I
updated the DITA docs accordingly.  However, I added
them to the files and sent them to Jeff before he
contributed them. So the changes are ALREADY
committed.  So I suggest people check my changes to
make sure they are OK.  

This web page gives the command for checking the dita
files out of the derby subversion repository: 


The files I mention below are all located under
derby/docs/trunk/src . 

Or you can easily view these files using the ViewCVS
web interface:


Here are the files I have updated: 

Derby Reference Manual 


In the java.sql.ResultSet section, under "JDBC 2.0
ResultSet Methods Supported" I made the following

 - added info. for updatable ResultSets to
getConcurrency() function 
 - added deleteRow() function to the table 
 - added information about updatable ResultSets and
the auto-commit feature to the Note at the end of the
 - emphasized that insertRow() and updateRow()
functions are not supported for updatable ResultSets. 


In the java.sql.Connection section, under "JDBC 3.0
Connection Methods Supported" I made the following

 -changed Implementation Notes for the
createStatement(), prepareStatement(), and  
prepareCall() functions.  These now include info about
updatable ResultSets. 


In the SELECT statement section, under "Requirements
for updatable cursors", I edited the section (and
changed its title to "Requirements for updatable
cursors and updatable ResultSets") to reflect the new
support for updatable ResultSets. 

I emphasized that the SELECT sql statement has to have
a FOR UPDATE in order to get an updatable resultset. 

Derby Developer's Guide 


In the Controlling Cloudscape Application Behavior
section, under "ResultSets and auto-commit" I added
info. about using auto-commit with updatable


In the Using auto-commit, under "Table: Summary of
Application Behavior with Auto-commit On or off" I
added info. on updatable ResultSets to the table. 

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