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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject Re: [docs] dita files
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 18:38:51 GMT
--- scott hutinger
<srh@www.mprojects.Horrabin.wiu.edu> wrote:
> Jeff,
> I need to put the two files you sent to me in the
> docs.  But, how do you 
> want to manage the docs at it currently stands.  If
> one follows the 
> directions on the website (at least those running
> linux) will have the 
> problems I had with ref failing.
Which two files are you talking about?  Are we talking
about xsl files?  And which error causes the failure? 
Is this the error where the build doesn't like
whitespace, or the errors with the links?  I thought
the link error wasn't fatal?

> Also: the manual ids on the website
> derby/manuals/dita.html don't quite 
> map up, at least refguide.  Should the directory be
> changed to refguide 
> from ref?  That way it would map to the manual id on
> the website.
Your right!  I think it would be better if I just
changed the dita.html file to reflect the correct way
of calling it.  So I'll change refguide to ref in
dita.xml.  I attached the patch.  Andrew or Jean, can
you commit?

> Also, when putting the files into the dita toolkit,
> should 
> dita2fo_shell.xsl be changed to dita2fo-shell.xsl to
> work correctly.  Is 
> this the only file (besides the dita2fo-links.xsl)
> that need to be 
> included in the toolkit?  Or should it copy all the
> new ones from you 
> and the other two?

The underscore "_" in that file (dita2fo_shell.xsl)
was changed to a hyphen (dita2fo-shell.xsl) when the
SOurceForge version of the toolkit came out.  So if
you are talking about the one with the underscore,
then you may be using an older version of my modified
version of that file.  I suggest creating a new
directory and doing the svn checkout command from the
dita.xml instructions.  Then, download the dita
toolkit from sourceforge, but dont grab the beta. 
Just grab the stable 1.0 version.  Then, use the
dita2fo-shell.xsl file I included in this email:


That is the only xsl file you need to replace in the
toolkit.  You do not need to replace the
dita2fo-links.xsl file.  The changes for that are done
in overrirdes in my modified shell file.

> Also, it might be good to do something like the
> following for those that 
> don't read very well like myself:
> Index: build.xml

> Although the previous diff need some additions/mods
> etc...

I like this idea.  Here, I created a similar diff with
the correct call to the ref manual, and a little more
explanation.  This is also attached to this email. 
What do you think Scott?  If Scott or anyone else has
no objections, can you commit Andrew?

> thanks,
> scott
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