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From Jeff Levitt <lev...@yahoo.com>
Subject [doc] Overrides for DITA PDF output
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 00:24:20 GMT
So I have been playing with the SourceForge DITA
Toolkit, trying to create better PDF outputs.  I have
successfully modified the shell xsl file to include my
overrides, as that file suggests.  I thought I would
share my overrides with you all.  It is attached to
this note.  You need only replace the
xsl/dita2fo-shell.xsl file in the DITA Toolkit package
with this one.  Make sure to keep a copy of the
original xsl file from the Toolkit in case you want to
revert back to the original.

My overrides do the following:

- Fix the cover page
- Add a working table of contents, with hyperlinking
to each section
- Fix the display and implementation of internal
links, so that the topic title that is being linked to
is displayed, and the links actually go to their

I have commented out the areas that I replaced in the
attached file, and added comments for all my changes
when possible, so it should be pretty easy to
understand what changes I made.
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