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From "RPost" <rp0...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: Single JDK14 compile model?
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 00:44:10 GMT
>"Jeremy Boynes" wrote:

> A lot of the problems here arise because we are trying to support 3
> different JVM revision levels with one output JAR. Is this time to
> consider generating multiple output JARs, one for each VM?

>This would also allow us to tune the implementations for each VM
>configuration e.g. eliminating code entirely for features not
>supportable/wanted in J2ME environments (reducing the code footprint),
>replacing SANE/INSANE with assertions in 1.4 and up, native support for
>regex using j.u.regex from 1.4, or leveraging features only available in
>JDK1.5 such as j.u.concurrent?

Do you know how the current codebase break out in terms of JVM version?
Which code is currently needed support 1.3 environments?

How would you handle interfaces or base classes that are common to more than
one JVM version if the descendent class is specific to, say, 1.3? Would you
duplicate the base classes in each jar?

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