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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Derby architecture/design documents
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 00:39:57 GMT
I think putting this information somewhere would be good, not sure
what way would be best.  javadoc tries to do some of it.  Here is
the high level:

With Derby start with the "module", derby is made up of a set of modules
like: language, store, access, log, data.  So for the logging system
there is (iapi is the java interface side, impl is the implementation side):

    the java interface for logging system module

    the implmentation of the LogFactory.java, also implmenting Module,
this is the one with recovery code.

Quick note on other files in the impl/store/raw/log directory - comments
should be in the files:
CheckpointOperation.java - code to implment checkpoint log record
D_FlushedScan.java - debugging file
D_LogToFile.java - debugging file
FileLogger.java - stuff dealing with putting log records to disk
FlushedScan.java - stuff dealing with scanning the log file
FlushedScanHandle.java - more stuff dealing with scanning the log file
LogAccessFile.java - lowest level putting log records to disk
LogAccessFileBuffer.java - utility for LogAccessFile
LogCounter.java - log sequence number
LogRecord.java - log record
ReadOnly.java - an alternate read only implementation of LogFactory
Scan.java - more scan log file stuff
StreamLogScan.java - more scan log file stuff

RPost wrote:
> re logformats.xml
> I'm know I'm dating myself but in I Love Lucy here's where Ricky would say:
> "Lucy, you got some splainin' to do!"
> The last line of this xml file is:
>       Loggable op - the log operation
> At some point could we get an explanation as to how all of the log related
> *.java files are pieced together?
> These files are difficult to piece together out of context because they are
> a series of interfaces, abstract classes and implementation. I haven't been
> able to sort it out.
> For example:
> public final class DeleteOperation extends LogicalPageOperation
>     public abstract class LogicalPageOperation extends PageBasicOperation
> implements LogicalUndoable
>         public abstract class PageBasicOperation implements Loggable,
> RePreparable
>             public interface Loggable extends Formatable {
> 1. How do all of these pieces fit together?
> 2. What, exactly, gets written to the log record for a delete operation?
> That is, what is 'Loggable op' for this case?
> 3. What are the set of implemented classes that write to the log? The
> DeleteOperation class appears to be one, what are the others?

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