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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject RE: [vote] Re-vote for Derby docs in DITA
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2005 02:19:15 GMT
> How do I use the DITA Docs? Is there a "DITA
> Reader"? What is the common
> way to read/view these documents?
> Thanks,
> Brian


DITA is essentially an implementation of XML.  So DITA
files are just XML files using a specific dtd/schema. 
You can view DITA, as well as any XML file, using XML
authoring software, such as XMLSpy, Epic, etc.  Those
cost money.  However, I am pretty sure there are free
XML authoring tools out there as well, anyone know of

Whatever tool you use, you'll want to plug in the DITA
toolkit dtd's so that the authoring tool can validate
the DITA files you are working on.

More information on DITA, as well as how to output
DITA to PDF using FOP, and html using saxon, is
available on the Derby manuals page at:


I've done a lot of work with the DITA files myself, as
well as transforming them using saxon and FOP, so if
you have any more questions, please post by all means!

We still are playing with the xsl files, so if you or
anyone else has xsl knowledge and would like to
improve our pdf output, it would be appreciated by

Hope that helps,

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