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From Yu Jie <webpurchas...@yahoo.com>
Subject Some Qutesion of Derby
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 02:36:42 GMT
Dear Developers,

    Our organization is planning a big project which
is a Linux-Embedded system and will be sold as
products in the market.
    It is necessary for us to choose a Database
product. From internet, we found your Database product
-- Derby, and we are very interested in it,  so we
have a few important questions to ask though some of
the answers to them might be found in your website,
but we are a little afraid whether the information
might be out-of-date. 
    We will really appreciate your help if you could
help us find the answers to the following questions:

Normal questions:

   1. What's the exact latest stable version of Derby?

   2. Is it suitable for embedded system development?

   3. Whether there is any other software which Derby
must depend on to work normally?  

   4. This is a question about license. Could you
describe the licenses on the following three
      If we want to redistribute Derby in our product,
what license fits us?
      If we want to modify Derby and redistribute it
in our product, what license fits us?
      If we want to do development based on Derby's
API, what license fits us?

   5. Could you tell us what other products or
projects have used/are using Derby?

   6. Has it been tested on the Linux Kernel 2.6 and
what's the result?
      Namely, could it be used without any problem in
the environment of Linux Kernel 2.6? 
      And if it can't, what's the latest version of
Linux Kernel does it support without any problem?

   7. Which linux distribution has it tested on ? (for
example, RedHat, Fedora Core, Debian, Montavista,
Mandrake Linux, etc.)

   8. Could you provide customize services? And what
the fee is?

   9. When Derby is version updated, could you provide
an upgraded version with customized functions for us?
And what the fee is?

   10. Do you have any schedule to the further version

   11. Could you describe the development team?
        (How many people does it has? Who is the team
         How to release a version? How to test it? How
to manage the bugs? ... )

Questions about DBMS:

   12. What is the form when it is executing? (for
example, Server-Client, link as library, etc.)

   13. Does it provide API? If it does, what kind of
API does it provide? (for example, C, C++, Java, etc.)

   14. Does it support ODBC and JDBC on linux?
        If it does, could you tell us what module do
        If it does not, do you know whether other
organization or individual provide it for Derby?
   15. Does it fully compliant with SQL92? If it is
not, could you tell us the variations from SQL92.

   16. Does it support transaction?

   17. Does it support system failure recovery? For
example, if the power is stopped abruptly, could it

   18. Could it backup database when the database is

   19. Does it has limits on the size of fields,
records, tables and databases?
        If it has, could you tell us the limits size
of them? 
        If you haven't tested the limits size, could
you tell us the max size you know.

   20. What is the policy of memory using? 
        (For example, could a new record use the
memory of a deleted record, or is the memory using be
maintained regularly, etc.)

   Maybe some of questions are not suitable, but any
informations will help us a lot.

   If you couldn't answer the above questions, would
you do me a favor to give me the contact information
of the person who could answer them? Thank you!

   Thank you very much again!
   Wish a successful further cooperation!

Best regards.

Yu Jie

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