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From "Gregor :kelko: Karzelek" <ke...@anakrino.de>
Subject does derby fit my needs
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:11:25 GMT
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Short while ago I started a project at SourceForge called JADaBa. It is
planned to be an alternativ to MS-Access, written in Java, licensed under the
LGPL. I started writing, curious if I'm able to write a DBMS by myself. Now I
have a quite useable version and I started asking myself, if it is really
necessary to write a new DBMS in Java, if there is allready cloudscape/derby.

You see, I need something like Access, but there is none option for me yet.
But, on the other hand, why bothering programmers, users and admins with
another DBMS to learn?

So I thought of taking derby and wrap JADaBa around it. So I can use
forms, reports, macros and connection to other DBs (over JDBC, ODBC) but
still have derby as working DBMS. 

I suppose you know the code a lot better then me will ever know it. So I would
ask you the question, whether you think derby is useable for such a
purpose or not.

Or should I go on trying my classes and data-structure, just implementing
Import/Export-function from and to derby?

I must confess, I really don't know anything how derby works, yet. I haven't 
got the time yet to look into the sources. But I would like to get an answer 
first, to know whether I have to take a look or not. 

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Gregor :kelko: Karzelek :: kelko@anakrino.de

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