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From Jeff Levitt <jlev...@mutagen.net>
Subject [vote] Derby documentation sourced in DITA?
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 19:24:03 GMT
We never really decided definitively whether we were
going to use DITA source for our docs.  When I
originally proposed the idea, I suggested it as a way
to allow us to move beyond html-only docs and into PDF
and possibly one-file-per-book html.  I volunteered to
convert the books to DITA so that we could see whether
it would help us accomplish those goals.

I know that not all of the books have been contributed
in DITA source yet.  But I have made a lot of
progress, and the last two books will be completed
shortly.  However, I think the usefulness of the DITA
can be ascertained with the books currently available
in DITA.  While nothing is perfect yet, we have been
able to create PDF and html from the DITA source and
know that we will be able to overcome the formatting
issues in time.  In addition, we can display the
output in Forrest, in an Eclipse infocenter, or
however we want on our own using open source tools
like saxon or FOP.  These things would not be possible
with our current html-sourced doc format.  I also know
that any other source idea will probably run into the
same PDF issues we are having with DITA, so whether we
were to go another avenue, or stay with DITA, we need
to find solutions to these issues, and we will soon.

I was hoping to finalize this so that we can set up
plans to replace the html source with the DITA set and
any jira issues in the future can be fixed in the DITA
instead of the html.  Can we vote on this by the end
of next week or so?  Any concerns?

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