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From Jeff Levitt <jlev...@mutagen.net>
Subject Re: [doc] Derby Developer's Guide available in DITA
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 08:19:28 GMT

--- scott hutinger
<srh@www.mprojects.Horrabin.wiu.edu> wrote:
> Currently I am working on some xml docs at work,
> it's really a pain.  I 
> see what Jeff has gone through to get the DITA docs
> up, as it can get 
> pretty bad at times.

Its getting easier with each book.  Currently I am
implementing a consistent naming scheme for each DITA
file, with a t,c, or an r as the first letter of each
file name to denote a task, reference, or concept. 
The next few letters denote the book (like dev for
Developer's Guide or ref for Reference Manual etc.) 
Finally there is usually a chapter indicator and/or
some identifying numbers to distinguish the topics. 
This will make it easier to find things later on.  I
toyed with this in some of the earlier contributions,
but the Developer's Guide is the first one to be
completely consistent.  I would like to recontribute
the Getting Started Guide, Server Admin Guide, and
Reference Manual DITA zip files soon with updated file
names to be consistent as well.  Does anyone have any
problems with that?  There would be very little
changes to the actual content.  This is really just a
consistency thing, although I would also like to fix
some of the tagging in some of the task topics as
well, also not changing the content.  If no one has
any problems with that, I'll send Jean updated zips of
those docs with my next contribution, which will be
the Tuning Derby manual.

> Jeff, have you tried moving to a pdf output for the
> three new docs?  I 
> know just getting them at that point is a big jump,
> but was checking the 
> status of this.

I have made PDF's of every book I have converted to
DITA so far using saxon/FOP, but Jean and I decided
just to put the Getting Started Guide PDF on the Derby
site since the problems were consistent in all of the
books.  If anyone would like me to put more of the
PDF's up, just let me know.  As for the PDF issues, I
have spoken to a colleague who suggested we meet as he
may have an idea on how to fix some of the problems
with the title page, table of contents, etc. by using
SGML as a "glue" file containing the ditamap and dita
files.  That's all I can share now because that's
really all I know.  I will post more after I speak
with him and try it out...hopefully we will have some
cleaner docs PDF's...

I think our main targets are a cleaner title page,
table of contents, cross-references/hyperlinks, and an

> Status of the build:  Probably the best(?)  build at
> this point would be 
> ant.  Forrest is moving in a forward direction with
> a lot of changes, 
> but I think it best to stay out of the loop for
> building.  Can we do 
> some offline (online if needed) configuration/fix of
> the pdf output?  I 
> think one small target at a time would be good at
> this point.  Could we 
> come up with the targets and what needs to be done
> at this point?
> scott

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