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From "shahbaz chaudhary" <c_shah...@hotmail.com>
Subject help for new developers
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 14:14:50 GMT
Someone recently requested design documents...something more developer 
oriented than what is under "Manuals' and something more indepth than the 
recent presentations and Apache and Colorado Software summits.
I would also like to make a suggestion.  As developers with greater exposure 
to derby/cloudescape source code develop new functions, perhaps they could 
also do a descriptive write-up of what they change, what they had to keep in 
mind, etc.
I, myself, would eventually like to experiment with some CUBE/ROLLUP 
functionality...but traversing the code is not trivial.

Perhaps example implementations of relitively simple things like:
1. HAVING clause
2. distinct aggregates
3. some storage/access/io level examples such as the ability to read a text 
file with arbitray delimiters

Look foward to it!

(by the way, is there a way to receive a single digest of messages a day?  
Otherwise this email list will further fill up my email account.)


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