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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Derby architecture/design documents
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 01:31:29 GMT
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I am happy to answer any specific questions about the store module you
have, or can find someone to answer them if I don't know.  I
think questions should be directed to the mail list so that everyone
can share in the discussion.  If I miss something feel free to ping
me to get an answer.  I am an IBM employee still working on the derby
codeline and was one of the original developers at Cloudscape when it
first began as a startup.

Is there any model/standard in apache or opensource that we could follow
or at least look at for a format for this kind of information.

What little documentation that exists for the store is in comments in
the code.  As a startup we did not do much in the way of design documents.

I personally really like design information embedded in the actual code
it relates to, rather than having separate documents.  All the store
files are javadoc enabled so it may be possible to expand on what is
already there and then extract it into the form you are looking form -
maybe just a web page with links to extracted javadoc?

Is there any more specific area you are looking at, rather than just
store.  I usually divide the store into the following, some overlap:

o store module interface (java protocol used by other modules to
interact with store, this is actually fairly well documented in the
javadoc already available)
o access methods (btree/heap existing, future might be gist/rtree/...)
o recovery (both restart and crash recovery, logging, xa recovery,  ...)
o transactions (locking, isolation levels, xa transactions)
o data (actual physical storage of rows/columns on pages, page
management, cache  - the format of rows/columns/pages is reasonably
documented in the code - I think in the javadoc, but might just be in
o misc (sorting, encryption, ...)

Mike Matrigali

Dibyendu Majumdar wrote:
| Hello,
| If it is okay to do this, I'd like to volunteer to extract information out
| of the Java source files and create design documents. Can I also borrow
| stuff from the presentations? Where I get stuck, if  IBM developers can
| answer questions, that will be great.
| I am interested in the "store" module so I can start from there. Is there
| any place where work-in-progress documents can be stored ?
| BTW I have been using Derby as one the databases I test against in my
| project SimpleJTA - http://www.simplejta.org. I have to say that the Derby
| XA implementation seems more stable and correct than Oracle's. I am
| looking forward to forthcoming support for XA in the Network Server.
| Regards
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