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From Mamta Satoor <ma...@Remulak.Net>
Subject Re: [doc] JIRA issues and DITA conversion
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 01:27:36 GMT
IMO, we should leave them open until html is replaced with DITA.
This way, the users can look through open doc bugs when they
come across something that doesn't seem right in the docs.

Jeff Levitt wrote:

> As I have been converting the docs to DITA source, I
> have been trying to incorporate some of the more
> trivial doc-related JIRA issues (the majority of them
> are actually QUITE trivial).
> However, even if I make the changes in the DITA files,
> they are still not done in the current html source
> that is in our committed build.  My question: should
> we be closing these JIRA issues since I've made the
> changes in the DITA files?  Or should we leave them
> open until the html is replaced with the DITA after
> all the books are converted and we have a successful
> implementation for displaying them?

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