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From Jeff Levitt <jlev...@mutagen.net>
Subject [doc] DITA files and html output
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 23:20:32 GMT
As we continue to work on getting the original source
material for the Derby documentation into DITA, I was
wondering if anyone had any thoughts on using the
eclipse doc setup we discussed earlier to display the
DITA-based manuals on the Derby site.  I've done some
testing using saxon to create xhtml, and then placed
the xhtml into a plugin I created and launched the
infocenter on my machine.  It looks great, except for
a couple of very minor bugs.  

But the issue still remains that we dont know if we
can host an eclipse infocenter on Apache's servers.  

So I guess the first question is, do we want to use
the eclipse infocenter to display the information? And
the second question is: If so, will it be allowed by
Apache?  How can we find out?

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