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From "Dibyendu Majumdar" <dibye...@mazumdar.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: Derby architecture/design documents
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 21:42:07 GMT
Here are some ideas on how I would like to structure the documentation.

For every topic, I'd like to create:

Introduction to concepts - A general introduction to the topic.
Derby implementation details - This will be main substance of the document
where I will describe how Derby works.
References - these will point to published papers, books, etc. that discuss
the topic in question.

In terms of topics, here is what I have come up with (let me know if things
should be added):

Terms - this will be a glossary of Derby specific terms so that I don't have
to keep explaining the same terms in every document.

Row ID - How rows are identified - RecordId and SlotId.

Row management within a page - storage format of rows, slot table, etc.

Handling of large rows - how does Derby handle rows that won't fit into one

Container - what is a container?

Space management in Containers - how is space management implemented? How
does Derby locate an empty page?

Latches - are latches used by Derby? How are they implemented?

Lock management - description of lock management, lock conflict resolution,
deadlocks, lock escalation.

Buffer cache - how does Derby implement the buffer cache, and what is
interaction between Buffer cache and Log, and Buffer cache and Transaction

Write ahead log - description of how the log is implemented - this would
mainly cover the format of log records, how log records are represented in
memory and in disk, log archiving, checkpointing, etc.

Transactions - how is an Xid allocated? What is the representation of a
transaction? How is a transaction related to a thread?

Transaction Manager - description of how Derby implements ARIES. What
happens at system restart. How rollbacks and commits work. Different types
of log records used by the transaction manager - such as do, redo, undo,
compensation, checkpoint, etc.

Row locking in tables - how are rows locked? What happens when a row spans

Row recovery - Do/Redo/Undo actions for rows - inserts, updates, deletes.

BTree - page organisation and structure

BTree - concurrency - how does Derby handle concurrent updates to the tree -
inserts and deletes? How are structural changes serialised? Do updates block
readers (not as in locking but while the change is being made) or can they
progress concurrently?

BTree - locking - data row locking or index row loacking? Is next-key
locking used for serializable reads?

BTree - recovery - Do/Redo/Undo actions for key inserts, updates, deletes.

Row scans on tables - is this handled by "store"?

Row scans in BTrees - is this handled by "store"?

Conglomerates - what is a Conglomerate?

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