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From "Dibyendu Majumdar" <dibye...@mazumdar.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: Derby architecture/design documents
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2005 00:53:38 GMT
> > Is there any way I can setup a debug version of Derby that I can step
> > through? I tried doing this with the default jar file, but the debugger
> > complains
> > that there is no line number information. I tried to find out how to
> > build Derby with debug enabled, but cannot find the relevant
> >

RPost wrote:

> I got it working in JBuilder6 by adding all of the jars in the jars\insane
> directory to the project properties. JBuilder then lets me add the path to
> the source as derby\engine. Then I can step into all of the Derby source,
> set breakpoints in it, etc.
> Don't know how to do it in Eclipse. I'm trying to follow the discourse
> between the two of you and keep winding up in the bowels myself. But
> you think I can help I was planning on staying out of you guys way since
> are making pretty progress in spite of the difficulties.

I managed to build Derby with debug on. Added the following line to
to tools/ant/properties/defaultcompiler.properties:
I used Sun's JDK to build Derby.

I am now able to set breakpoints in Derby when I use Eclipse.
All I had to do was add derby.jar to the classpath, and let Eclipse
know where to find the source.



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