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From myrnap <my...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] creating Derby plug-in for Eclipse
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:34:14 GMT
Rajesh Kartha wrote:

> This is my first submission hence was wondering what will be the next 
> step for the  patches to be available in the codeline.
> Do we need to do a voting, please advice.
> Also was thinking, since Derby has a branch for 10.0, can this patch 
> be added to that, so there can be  a corresponding Eclipse plug-in 
> release
> for the officially released Derby currently available at:
> http://incubator.apache.org/derby/derby_downloads.html
> instead of waiting for the next official release.
> What do you guys suggest ?
> -Rajesh
> Rajesh Kartha wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have
>> - updated the comments in the .java file
>> - changed the version entry in plugin.xml to be consistent with the 
>> Derby builds: example - (111546M)
>> Following is the svn diff and also please find attached the modified 
>> DerbyEclipsePlugin.java file. Let me know, if there any further
>> changes are needed, else please update the codeline.
>> ------------------
>> svn diff:

I have tried to apply the svndiff as was inlined, but I got a failure at 
the last lines of the plugin target in build.xml:
patching file `build.xml'
patch: **** malformed patch at line 48: 
<!--                               Jar targets                           -->
Did anyone get this to work? Maybe if the patch was attached as well as 

Also, where is the DerbyEclipsePlugin.java supposed to live? I placed it 
in java/build/org/apache/derbyBuild/eclipse - (I created the dir 
eclipse) - but is that the right thing to do? Did I miss this & is this 
documented in the thread or in the code?

After modifying build.xml manually rather than using patch, I still had 
problems - there was no resolution for ${plugin.derby.core}, 
Did I miss something here too?

Anyways, I worked around this and got a little further.

But I noticed it was picking up derbyTesting.jar into the plugin zip. 
Should it?


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