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From Jeremy Boynes <jboy...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Suggestion for improvement to BUILDING.txt instructions
Date Sat, 25 Dec 2004 19:56:20 GMT
Jonathan Nash wrote:
> I struggled with the following for much of the day trying to build 
> Derby. In section 3.2 Create property file, it states:
>     3.2   Create property file
>     You will need to create a property file to specify
>     your environment and some of your options. Do the following
>     to specify your environment and options:
>     (1) Find out user home directory on your system. You can find 
>         user home directory by doing echo on variable %HOME%
>         on windows and $home or $HOME on unix.
> However, in my WinXP system, there was no %HOME% variable set. I ended 
> up setting the %HOME% environment variable and put my properties file 
> there. The build susbequently failed because it couldn't find java.lang. 
> After several hours of trying permutations of settings in the properties 
> file, CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME, and PATH, I ended up figuring out that it 
> wasn't finding the properties file. Once I put the properties file in the
> C:\Documents and Settings\My Name
> directory, it worked immediately. Possibly a line should be added to 3.2 
> (1) saying "For Windows XP, the variable is %HOMEPATH% instead of %HOME%."

For WinXP (and other NT derived versions IIRC), I believe the variable 
is actually %USERPROFILE% which contains both HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH - 
only an issue, of course, with a multi-drive system.


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