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From Philipp Hug <phil...@hug.cx>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Change all Identifier Limitations to 128
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 12:35:13 GMT

> 1)  For a change like this I would think there would be some functional
> tests needed and of course documentation changes.   So how do they come
> to be?  It would be good to have the  functional tests go in with the
> change  and have someone at least signed up to do the doc changes.
> Otherwise how do we keep track?

Yes, definitely, I'm currently looking at the testing framework. There 
already are tests for most of the cases in dbManagerLimits.java, but we
probably need some more...
Documentation: this page would need to be changed...
Is the documentation in svn somewhere?

> 2) What are the implications of this change on soft upgrade?
No known implications, but as always there might be a bug in the patch 
or it might not be possible to increase some of the identifier to 128
because they are limited by the implementation. --> 1) tests are REQUIRED!!!

> 3)If we change the limits what do we do about this line in our charter?
> "And it also means developers can later migrate to other databases if
> they so choose."
Yes, I this still applies: There are always issues if you migrate 
to another database, the only difference is, that you couldn't just put
the sql dump into db2 anymore if you use longer identifiers.


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