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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Change all Identifier Limitations to 128
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 18:24:49 GMT
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RPost wrote:

> I'm all for changing terms if it makes sense but if a term is going to
> be changed it should be changed globally. Let's do it right the first
> A quick search of the 'engine' tree with Windows Explorer shows
> 1. 30 *.java files with the string 'DB2Limit' in them.
> 2. an additional 74 files with the string 'DB2' in them.
> 3. 223 files with the string 'cloudscape' in them.
> These terms also exist in large numbers in the other branches of the
> A quick look at several of the files with 'DB2Limit' in them shows that
> they will probably all need to be changed.
> Maybe we can add terms like 'DB2', 'cloudscape', etc. to a todo list of
> candidates for cleanup.

I would strongly advise against any attempt to do a global search and
replace. Having renamed this product more times than I care to remember,
I've found that such generalized cleanups tend to mess things up. E.g.
when Cloudscape was a product name and a company name, doing a single
search and replace on Cloudscape ended up with documentation that had a
product name where a company name should be.

In addition, in the code, a comment may be using DB2 or Cloudscape
correctly, and changing it to use Derby may be wrong. They probably do
need to be taken care of on a case by case basis.

E.g. with this totally made up example, you can see changing
DB2 to Derby would be wrong, the comment is correctly describing
what other databases do for reference.

// If NULL is passed in as the length to this SQL function then
// DB2 throws an exception
// Oracle returns NULL

A made up example of where Cloudscape may be the correct term

// this functionality was added in Cloudscape 3.5

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