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From myrnap <my...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: derbyTesting, jar & readme...
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 22:52:03 GMT

>> <>Hm. Actually, I am wondering if we should not also save the
>> derbyTesting.jar at the same release level.
> <>Daniel John Debrunner wrote:    

>> Agreed, and a list on the site of which jvm/os/hardware combinations
>> people have run with the Derby tests would be useful. That is if anyone
>> runs the tests they could report the results to one of the lists and
>> then subsequently it could be summarized on the site.
 From last email:

> I build the derbyTesting.jar for 106978 revision. It should be placed 
> at the same level as the lib and bin downloads. Should I send it to 
> the list or can I send it to one of the committers directly?
> I have attached a testing release notes/readme file that should 
> probably go in the new branch?
> It should go with the derbyTesting.jar.
> It lists the testing bugs, it could also function as the place to list 
> tested revisions. If people sent their testing efforts to the list 
> I'll be happy to combine it, or else maybe this file can just be patched?
I have now changed the testing.txt file into a .html, and added a table 
to show the tests I know were run at IBM. Other folks could/should add 
their test results to it.
If this file looks good, it should get checked in next to the 
derbyTesting.jar of build 106978 parallel to the incubator release...


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