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From Kathey Marsden <kmars...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Status of feature patches
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:35:58 GMT
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We have a few outstanding feature patches which I thought I would
summarize to help us keep track.   Please let me know if I made any errors.

Patch: 			Network Server XA
Submitted by: 		Kathey Marsden
Reviewed by:  		Army
Votes:	      		2 +1 votes
Active in discussion: 	Army, Kathey
Tests run: 		derbyAll
Status:       		Updated patch submitted. Awaiting 1 additional vote to
submit. Kathey will coordinate changes to JCC after server changes are
checked in.

Patch:  		Delete functionality using updatable
			resultsets JDBC APIs
Submitted by : 		Mamta Satoor
Reviewed by : 		Dan Debrunner
Votes : 		1 vote
Tests Run: 		derbyAll
Status : 		Patch pending to not keep a delete hole for FORWARD_ONLY
updatable ResultSets. The reason for this decision is that the JDBC spec
doesn't say what to do in following scenarios
	a)what should happen if deleteRow is issued again on a deleted hole
	b)what should deleted hole content look for columns that are not nullable.
	To get around the above 2 issues, after a deleteRow, we will position
the ResultSet before the next row in the ResultSet.
Active in discussion: Daniel Debrunner, Mamta Satoor
Link to the discussions on deleted hole -

Patch: 			Intersect and Except
Submitted by: 		Jack Klebanof
Reviewed by: 	 	Satheesh Bandaram, Dan Debrunner
Tests Run:  		unknown
Votes:	      		none
Active in discussion: 	Satheesh, Dan, Jack, RPost, Mike Matrigali
Status:       		Jack will be submitting a new patch and reinitiate the
voting process.  There is a side discussion on how performance should be
considered when introducing features.
Latest post:

Patch: 			Allow Java signature to be supplied in the SQL.
Submitted by: 		Jeremy Boynes
Reviewed by: 	        not reviewed
Tests run:		unknown
Votes:	      		No vote called for yet.
Active in discussion: 	Dan, Jeremy
Status:       		Since this is a behaviour change, I think that Jeremy
needs to submit a patch to the list for review and vote.
Jira entry with patch:
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