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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject Re: Derby documentation in XML DITA
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 16:18:19 GMT
Susan Cline wrote:

> Jeff Levitt wrote:
>> Ok, so I checked the dita zip and saw that there is a
>> license, but it seems to allow distribution.  So I am
>> going to create a zip of all the dtd's (as well as the
>> css files, if anyone wants to use them as well), and I
>> am just going to include that license file in the zip
>> as well.  I'll send the zip to Jean to post.  Let's
>> keep the getting started dita files in a separate zip,
>> so when we have all 6 books in dita, you will only
>> need to download the dtd's once.
>> --- Susan Cline <slc@MeepZor.Com> wrote:
>>> Either way is okay though as long as folks know they
>>> need the dtd files
>>> and how to get them.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Susan
> That sounds like a good plan, thanks.
> Susan

So at this point, I think we should do a manual transforms -> html and 
see what the problems are.  Jeff has found the parent child problem, 
which is what forrest uses by default to create the website.  I'm 
certain he has found others.  Then focus on the pdf files.  I think Jeff 
has already done that.  I'm looking at the dita-dtd stuff currently.  
Jeff, were you using the XSLT Scripts referenced in the dita 
XSL-README.txt?  Also, we might want to see if any more information on 
the subject is publicly available.

A good case study that might get someone up a bit faster with a bit of 
good background information might be:

"Transforming Documentation from the XML Doctypes used for the Apache 
Website to DITA: a Case Study" by Donald M Leslie.

I am sure a bunch more exist, as when I was looking around I found a lot 
of use and papers on the subject.

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