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From myrnap <my...@Golux.Com>
Subject release notes/readme?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 03:01:22 GMT

Should we have a release notes / readme? What should it be called?

If so, what should go in?
I can think of the following
1. A reference to the getstart page
2. A list of bugs we think deserves explicit mention

Then, where would it go? I suggest at the same level as where the jars 
can be downloaded...

I would propose the following file...



Derby version

The build # of this release is 106978.

For getting started, refer to

Below is a list of open issues documented in the jira bug tracking system
for the project at the time of the release:

Key  Summary 

DERBY-1  Can't create a new db on OS X 
DERBY-3  Identity column not filled consecutively with "insert ... 
select distinct" 
DERBY-4  "order by" is not supported for "insert ... select" 
DERBY-5  Network Server Protocol error when select fails and "order by" 
is specified 
DERBY-7  Bug in NULLIF Function 
DERBY-8  Connection object gets created with un-supported holdability on 
getting Connection object from XAConnection "inside" the global 
DERBY-10  Provide XA Support for Network Server 
DERBY-11  Recursive SQL and WITH A(col list) as (Select col list From 
Table List) Support. 
DERBY-12  Quoted table names mishandled in select list expansion 
DERBY-13  Quoted names with embedded period mishandled in from list 
DERBY-15  May get a non-uniue conglomerate id in a very unlikely XA edge 
DERBY-17  Network Server Needs to generate CRRTKN on ACCRDB if client 
does not send it 
DERBY-18  Exposed name matching has bugs when the column name is 
qualified with a schema name. 
DERBY-19  NPE when trying to create a database at a directory that is 
not allowed 
DERBY-20  LIKE handles strings with control characters incorrectly. 
DERBY-22  Exception XCL16 incorrectly raised for ResultSet of method 
return after nested commit. 
DERBY-23  just booting jdbc driver and shutting down seem to leak memory 
DERBY-25  INSERT INTO SELECT DISTINCT ... skips some values for 
autoincrement column 
DERBY-26  Dropping a nested trigger and rerunning the querry causes 
DERBY-27  UCASE/LCASE function should change case according to database 
locale, but uppercases according to the JVM locale. 
DERBY-28  Execute Statement of a SYSIBM sps gives java linkage error and 
class not found exception. 
DERBY-31  Statement.setQueryTimeout() support. 
DERBY-36  Following the provided documentation and running ij results in 
a java.lang.InternalException 
DERBY-37  detection of incorrect types comparison is done at ? parameters 
DERBY-39  Strange error in JOIN ON clause 
DERBY-43  Add documentation for database encryption using external key 
DERBY-46  Do not store encryption block size for encrypted database when 
using external key 
DERBY-47  Some possible improvements to IN optimization 
DERBY-48  A connection request that has a default schema that is being 
created by another transaction will fail to connect 
DERBY-49  Need to document new property derby.drda.keepAlive 
DERBY-51  Need NetworkServerControl shutdown API method that does not 
shutdown derby embedded 
DERBY-52  Cannot create CHAR column with size greater than 254 
DERBY-56  NsSample sample program refered to in documentation is missing 
DERBY-57  derby snapshot zip does not contain network server war file 
DERBY-60  Documentation refers to SYSIBM system schema 
DERBY-61  Some derby javadoc issues should be cleaned up 
DERBY-62  TableName not serializable 
DERBY-63  updateNull doesnot work with Embedded Driver 
DERBY-64  Create a table with a query 
DERBY-65  Network Server user ID and password encryption requires IBMJCE 
DERBY-66  Derby supports open cursor across commits and hence 
DatabaseMetaData.supportsOpenCursorsAcrossCommit return true. 
DERBY-68  Mistypos 
DERBY-69  RFE: HEX function 
DERBY-70  Incorrect documentation about class loading from installed jar 
DERBY-71  Merge TransactionResourceImpl into EmbeddedConnection 
DERBY-73  Ability to compile under JDK1.5 
DERBY-75  Clean up import and JavaDoc for MethodNode hierarchy 
DERBY-76  Stored procedure cannot be invoked with VALUES statement 
DERBY-77  Test instructions incomplete for setting classpath. 
DERBY-78  Add support for table/view Synonym to Derby 
DERBY-79  Provide Derby Documentation in PDF format and improve navigation 
DERBY-80  RFE: System Function for Diagnostic Info 
DERBY-81  Datetime datatypes should allow arithmetic operations on them. 
DERBY-82  Add documentation for property - derby.language.logQueryPlan 
DERBY-84  Column aliasing could simplify queries 
DERBY-85  NPE when creating a trigger on a table and default schema 
doesn't exist. 
DERBY-86  sweep of name changes to Derby 
DERBY-87  org.apache.derby.database.UserUtility.add does not exist but 
is documented 
DERBY-88  RunSuite summary rounds incorrectly 
DERBY-89  Support Java Signature in procedure declaration 
DERBY-90  dblook displays message keys instead of their associated text 
DERBY-91  XA .sql tests fail with jar files 

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