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From Army <a...@golux.com>
Subject [PATCH] dblook and dblook_test cleanup/enhancement
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 19:47:05 GMT
Army wrote:

> I have a cleanup/enhancement patch for dblook_test that, among other things, will add
a test case to verify the 
> messages so that this kind of problem is caught by the harness in the future.  I hope
to post the patch later today.

Attached (and in-lined below) is a patch for dblook and dblook_test that does the following:

1) Adds new scenarios to dblook_test.java to test the dblook messages (per the "dblook usage
message bug?" thread on 
derby-users list).

2) Changes dblook.java to use "DBJARS" as the directory for storing jar files, instead of

3) Changes dblook_test so that, instead of passing an explicit database name to dblook, it
lets dblook use the database 
name that it (dblook) parses out of the URL.  This allows us to verify that the URL parsing
is returning the correct 
database name (which we don't currently test).

4) Cleans up error handling in both dblook.java and dblook_test.java, to allow better debugging
of output in cases where 
dblook_test fails.

As part of this patch, two new files have been created:


I went in and changed the "svn:eol-style" property to "native" on these 2 files, and I noticed
that it appears to be 
included as part of the patch--but of course, this should be confirmed by whoever submits...

As always, feel free to comment...

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