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From scott hutinger <s-hutin...@wiu.edu>
Subject svn native eol
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 19:10:46 GMT
I changed all of the framework files to native eol, and it generates a 
LARGER patch file (diff) of course; removing ^M at the end, which means 
the entire file is patched.

-rw-rw-r--  1 srh  srh    70121 Dec  1 12:35 /home/srh/derby1.patch      
-- with native
-rw-rw-r--  1 srh  srh    30131 Dec  1 09:00 /home/srh/derby.diff      
     -- without native

I don't think we want patch files that modify an entire file, as it 
really makes changes hard to find.  An alternate might be to add 
patches, then update the entire svn site to native, and log that change 
as native eol or something?  Or can the site be changed to native, and a 
current diff be re-diffed with native being used?  One would guess that 
possibly the current patches might need to dos2unix the current files 
that are yet to be patched (on a unix/linux machine).

The question is, once the svn site goes full native, then the files 
checked in already are native, or are they still as they were checked 
in?  I know...read the docs...
But, the point is, the diff with eol native will cause total file(s) 
replacement currently.


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