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From Jeff Levitt <lev...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [doc] Re: Derby documentation in XML DITA
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 23:50:04 GMT

--- scott hutinger <s-hutinger@wiu.edu> wrote:

> I wasn't clear what the bat files were doing with
> the command 'saxon'.  
> This is due to the command being instant saxon,
> which is a stripped down 
> version of saxon (only in terms of samples, source,
> documentation ).  So 
> saxon.exe is the xslt processor according to the web
> site.
> I didn't have time last week to follow what
> 'saxon.exe' was; so got the 
> bat files modified, but got lost on the saxon
> command.
> You were saying that the pdf file output was rather
> bad.  I wasn't 
> certain if this was due to missing items that need
> to be in the final 
> document, or if it was something else?  I have been
> a bit busy getting 
> some information needed in some different areas so I
> could be a bit more 
> fluent in this area.
> scott

Yes the PDF file is bad, but I cant say whether the
problems are due to a lack of information in the dita
files or if we need to modify the stylesheets somehow.
 We just need to do some experimenting to see what
needs to be done.  I plan on playing with it soon, but
right now I am trying to finish up the conversion of
the Reference Manual to DITA, which is very close to
being done.  Once thats done, I'll have more time to
do some research on that issue, and we'll also ahve
another book to work with! 

FYI, while the Getting Started Guide came in at around
50 something DITA topics, I am looking at about 325
DITA topics for the Reference Manual, which I expect
to be the largest of the entire doc set.

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