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From Jeff Levitt <jlev...@mutagen.net>
Subject [doc] Creating an eclipse doc plugin for Derby
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 19:17:59 GMT
OK, for the people who asked, here is the process I
followed to successfully set up a doc plugin in
Eclipse for Derby.

First, I am assuming based on Rajesh's post on the
main Derby eclipse plugin name that a corresponding
doc plugin name would be:


Please let us all know if this is incorrect.  For now,
I will use that plugin name, and from now on I will
refer to it as the "Derby plugin."

These instructions also assume that you have created
xhtml output for the Getting Started Guide from the
DITA files, as well as an xml nav tree file from the
same source.  Please see my previous posts on creating
all this output using saxon.


1.  Download Eclipse.  I recommend the Websphere Help
System implementation since it has batch files that I
will refer to later for starting and stopping the help
system.  Download the Websphere Help System version of
Eclipse at:



Note that the rest of these instructions were written
against the Windows version of eclipse...

2.  Create an install.ini file in the main eclipse
install directory if it doesnt already exist.  The
install.ini file should contain the following two
lines (modify the existing one if the file already


3.  Create a directory named "org.apache.derby.doc" in
the plugins directory within the eclipse install. 
This directory will now be refered to as the "Derby

4.  Zip up the xhtml output that you created from the
dita source.  Name the zip file doc.zip.  Include any
css files you wish to use.  Place this zip file in the
Derby plugin.

5.  Place the XML nav tree file that you output from
the DITA source into the Derby plugin next to the
doc.zip file.  If you followed my previous posts and
used my batch files, this XML file is probaby called
getstartmap.xml, so I will call it that for this

6.  Create a file called plugin.xml and also place it
in the Derby plugin.  This file should contain the
following lines:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<plugin name="Apache Derby" id="org.apache.derby.doc"
version="1.0" provider-name="Apache">
<extension point="org.eclipse.help.toc">	
	<toc file="getstartmap.xml" primary="true" />

Note that we would just add the other books to this
file when they are available in DITA as well.

7.  Thats it!  Find the directory in your eclipse
install that contains the WebSphere_help_start.bat
file an run it.  This batch file is in the directory
that also contains the eclipse directory.  You should
soon see a browser window spawn with the infocenter. 
Dont forget to run the WebSphere_help_end.bat file
after you are through to end the eclipse process.

We would have to add a welcome page to any infocenter
we create, but thats quite easy, and could contain
links to the PDF's, whitepapers, etc.  For now though,
the spawned infocenter will either have a Websphere
welcome page or simply be blank.

Also, you'll find other batch files with the Websphere
Help System besides the WebSphere_help_start.bat and
WebSphere_help_end.bat files. 
Use the IC_start.bat and IC_end.bat set of files for
starting a local server packaged in the eclipse
install that will display the infocenter online
through a port that you can specify by altering that
batch file.

Please let me know if I can help anyone with this if
you run into any problems trying this out!

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