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From Samuel Andrew McIntyre <fuzzylo...@nonintuitive.com>
Subject Tests, scripts, demos, localization
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 10:52:46 GMT
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Hello derby-dev'ers and derby-users,

I'm pleased to announce the contribution of the first set of functional  
tests to Derby, along with the framework scripts, demos, and localized  
messages previously available with IBM Cloudscape.

Here are the details:


The first set of tests to be contributed to Derby have been checked in  
to subversion. These tests cover the basic functionality of the SQL  
parser and Network Server. Instructions on how to build and run the  
tests can be found in the readme, viewable on the web here:


There are plans to contribute additional tests to Derby, including more  
language and Network Server tests, data store tests, stress tests and  
tools tests. In the meantime, I would like to encourage anyone  
interested in testing to contribute additional tests, or to investigate  
converting the current testing framework to an open source testing  
framework like JUnit.

Also, please note that the tests are not built by default when  
compiling Derby. They can be built by calling the 'testing' target in  
the top-level build.xml, or the 'all' target, which also builds the  
demos in addition to the tests.

Many thanks to Myrna Van Lunteran (myrnap@golux.com) for her hard work  
preparing the tests and related documentation for contribution.


The 'frameworks' scripts from Cloudscape have also been contributed.  
Possible additions to the frameworks directory would include scripts  
and tools useful when using or integrating Derby with other software  
projects. I would like to encourage anyone using Derby to post their  
scripts and tools to these lists so that they can be included in the  
frameworks directory for other Derby users to use.


The simple demos from Cloudscape have also been added. These give a  
very basic understanding of how to begin working with Derby. While  
these demos serve as a basic introduction to Derby, I would like to  
encourage anyone who would like to share a demo application they have  
developed to post their work to these lists so that others can see how  
they have used Derby.

Also, for those working with the source, please note that the demos are  
not built by default when compiling the rest of Derby. You can compile  
the demos by calling the 'demo' target from the top-level build.xml, or  
the 'all' target, which also builds the tests in addition to the demos.


The localized messages from Cloudscape have also been checked in and  
integrated with the main Derby build. Messages for German, Spanish,  
French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified  
Chinese and Traditional Chinese have been contributed. Support for  
these languages has been added to the build, and the jar build target  
(buildjars) will now create a jar file for each language beginning with  
'derbyLocale' which contains the appropriate message files. Having the  
infrastructure available for these languages will hopefully make it  
easy for others to add support for additional locales to Derby.

I hope that the Derby community finds these to be valuable additions to  
the project. I would love to hear feedback and commentary, so please  
post if you have any issues, observations, or suggestions you would  
like to share.

Thank you,
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