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From Jan Hlavaty <hla...@code.cz>
Subject Re: Derby - How Scalable?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 16:53:25 GMT
Rick Strong wrote:
> I'm wondering if Derby
> might actually be able to to accommodate larger datasets and support
> faster access than its positioning might suggest. This will be a servlet
> based system with up to ~100 concurrent users, each reading/writing data
> in 5-10K byte chunks every few seconds - this needs to be done in a
> timely manner. I'm not sure yet what our size limit on accumulated data
> would be, but bigger would of course be better.
> Are there any opinions as to whether such a system might need to abandon
> Derby in favor of DB2 or something else, and if so what the approximate
> limits are? All opinions welcome.

There is too many unknowns (hardware, JVM used, actual  operations,
concurrency issues...).

The best way would be to build a simplified prototype of the app and see
how well it performs, preferably on similar hardware you would like to
deploy it on.


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