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From Rajesh Kartha <kar...@Source-Zone.Org>
Subject [PATCH] Derby plug-in for Eclipse
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 02:39:59 GMT
Hello all,

As per my earlier mail regarding the need for a Derby plugin for 
Eclipse,  the following are the suggested changes.

1) additions to the main 'build.xml'
2) a simple Java  file used in the plug-in build process

Using the above changes:
 - will serve as a permanent solution for building the plug-in
 - the plug-in build will always track the Derby versioning
To create a plug-in build (once the above changes are integrated):
- use  'ant' to compile all classes
- use 'ant plugin' to create the Derby plug-in zip

The 'derby_eclipse_plug-in.zip' will be created in the jars/insane 
directory along with all the other Apache Derby jars.
Eventually I suggest, Apache could have an update site for the Derby 
plug-in where the latest version can be downloaded using the
Eclipse Update Manager.

Please review these changes and do let me know if there are any 


1) Additions to the main 'build.xml'


<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Eclipse Plugin                             -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
  <target name="plugin" depends= "buildjars">
    <echo message="Begining Derby Eclipse plugin build"/>
    <property name="plugin.tmp.dir" value ="plugintmp"/>
    <mkdir dir="${derby.jar.dir}/${plugin.tmp.dir}"/>
    <java classname="org.apache.derbyBuild.plugin.DerbyEclipsePlugin">
        <arg value="${derby.jar.dir}/${plugin.tmp.dir}"/>
                <pathelement path="${out.dir}"/>
    <echo message="Derby Eclipse plugin build 
    <property name="plugin.dir" value ="plugins"/>
    <property name="plugin.core.dir" value 
            <fileset dir="${derby.jar.dir}" includes="derby*.jar"/>
        <fileset dir="${derby.jar.dir}/${plugin.tmp.dir}" 

        <delete file="${derby.jar.dir}/${plugin.tmp.dir}/plugin.xml"/>
        <!-- ZIP to create the final Derby plug-in -->
        <zip zipfile="${derby.jar.dir}/derby_eclipse_plug-in.zip" 
compress="true" basedir="${derby.jar.dir}/${plugin.tmp.dir}"/>
        <delete dir="${derby.jar.dir}/${plugin.tmp.dir}"/>


2) A simple Java  file used in the plug-in build process

The Java file DerbyEclipsePlugin.java can be placed in a 
org.apache.derbyBuild.plugin package under the java/build directory

Java file attached....

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