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From "Jonas S Karlsson" <...@yesco.org>
Subject Re: Derby documentation in PDF format
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 19:08:19 GMT
I'm very happy that we got the manuals online as HTML again,

Joel Rosi-Schwartz wrote:
>I personally found the PDF document set that was available for Cloudscape 10 

And me personally, can't deal with PDF, they are only good for
printing. ;) Something which I seldomly do.

Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> Another option might be to consolidate the pages for each manual back
> into a single page, or into a smaller number of pages.

I'm not sure what is a "page" in Forest, but it seems to me that to
determine what should be a "webpage" should be definable and should
not be limited by the markup language.

I'd expect to find for each manual the following options:
- one webpage per manual containing the complete manual (for download/searching)
- a PDF-file per manual
- a set of webpages, similarly to what we  have now, but with one page
  per chapter, but not like this:

  This is a page I find utterly useless, containing too little
  information, is not searchable, seems to be a chapter, but that
  page does not link to what subpages there are, only a next, which
  makes you feel like you're navigating between sentences by clicking

I hope that these are not limitations of Forest, because now I can't
see the trees because of the Forest.


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