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From Dick Applebaum <dicklac...@mac.com>
Subject Re: release status as of 9/12/2004
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:12:03 GMT
1) How do you plan to resolve the issue with OS X?


The work-around does, work around the problem.

It is, likely, a problem with Apple's JVM, but getting it resolved, by 
them, in a timely fashion, may be unrealistic.

There have been several recent releases of 1.4.2 for OS 10.3 Panther.

OS X 10.4 Beta uses an earlier 1.4.2 version that currently used by OS 
X 10.3.

At some point in the not-too-distant future Apple will release their 
1.5 JVM (probably with Tiger in early 2005).

In any case, I think it is an issue that needs to be resolved,  because 
Derby (IMO) is an ideal db for most OS X users.

2) Do you plan on including IBM's DB/2 driver & license in the package? 
-- it makes it much easier to install!

I and some others are going to release some self-contained, 
pre-installed, double-clickable application packages (desktop, web and 
combo) that will include a redistro of Derby, Jetty, and some j2ee 
apps.  If done right (our objective), these will be very popular 
(especially on OS X).   Notable, will be the simplicity of 

1) Download/Decompress the package to your Desktop or insert a CD
2) Double-click the icon -- the GUI, db, app, etc. all start 
3) there is no step 3

The acceptance of these applications (many will be open-soure) should 
promote the use of Derby for all kinds of db apps written by the user 

The point of mentioning all this is to encourage you to make the Derby 
install process as painless, and as Mac-like as possible


On Oct 12, 2004, at 12:48 AM, Samuel Andrew McIntyre wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Hello all,
> I want to keep the movement towards a first Derby release going. 
> Here's the latest summary:
> 1 - IP/copyright concerns - See "Derby code copyright question" 
> thread. Still up in the air. Waiting on resolution from the Incubator 
> PMC. Applied patch to include LICENSE/NOTICE file in individual jar 
> files. I will proceed with putting together requested distributions 
> based on the current state of the code. Source distribution (and, I 
> suspect, binary distributions) will have to wait until this issue has 
> been resolved.
> 2 - Apply all currently pending bug fixes. Here is a list of patches 
> already applied:
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Optimization of 
> org.apache.derby.impl.services.uuid.BasicUUID.toByteArray()
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Set Derby's build number to be the subversion 
> revision number
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] derby.war file build
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] derby.log file error message
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Network servlet display only message key
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] added 3 more parser generated files to the clobber 
> target in main build.xml
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Various fixes to javadoc generation
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Trigger Bug Fix
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Fix to prevent empty log file switches that could 
> cause recovery failures
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] ExternalSortFactory Bug Fix
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] Modify dblook messages to enable localization ...
> [APPLIED] [PATCH] minor bugs in dblook\
> At some point we have to set a cutoff for patches which get included. 
> Here are the patches which are currently pending, but not yet applied, 
> that I feel should wait for the next release. Please speak up if you 
> feel that one of these is crucial for this release:
> [PATCH] Extension Packaging
> [PATCH] retrieveMessages... true by default in ij (needs revision)
> [PATCH] for Derby-32
> [PATCH] Enable SO_KEEPALIVE on client TCP connections
> [PATCH] for Derby-38
> Also, note that the 'change copyright to ASF' patch is not included 
> here because of issue #1.
> 3 - Current status of bugs targeted for the current release:
> showstoppers:
> [FIXED] DERBY-24 Client should not be able to raise an event on a 
> PooledConnection it no longer owns.
> non-showstoppers:
> [FIXED] DERBY-6 Trigger of the form: create trigger ... values 
> myFunction(); has no effect.
> [FIXED] DERBY-30 Connection.close() method inconsistently throws 
> exception on closed connection
> Please speak up if you consider any other currently logged bugs as a 
> showstopper for the release.
> 4 - Content and form of the release:
> - - jar-only distribution (zip and tar.gz)
> - - jars, javadoc and HTML documentation (zip and tar.gz)
> - - distribution of jars to maven repository
> - - source distribution (zip and tar.gz) (pending resolution of #1)
> 5 - Consensus on Derby's upgrade policy/version scheme. Upgrade policy 
> in "[VOTE] Derby upgrade policy" thread accepted. Vote pending on 
> versioning in "[VOTE] Derby versioning."
> Please post other concerns if you have them.
> Thanks,
> andrew
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