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From Samuel Andrew McIntyre <fuzzylo...@nonintuitive.com>
Subject proposed binaries for posted
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 01:31:14 GMT
Hash: SHA1

Hello all,

Sam Ruby has graciously offered to host a proposed set of binaries for 
the release here:


The bin package includes the HTML documentation (basically a copy of 
the website, since we need the CSS and images and dir structure), the 
'publishedapi' javadoc, and the jar files.

The lib package includes just the jars, and looks like the previously 
posted snapshot release.

The src package is the source as of the last changed revision, 54760, 
which was used to build the binaries included here.

Give them the once over, feedback is greatly appreciated, of course. I 
will be forwarding this to the Incubator PMC shortly to ask for 
permission to post as a release. Here are the changes included since, the initial code drop:


bugs fixed for the current release:

DERBY-24 Client should not be able to raise an event on a 
PooledConnection it no longer owns.
DERBY-32 Logic to prevent mutiple jvms booting the same database in 
parallel to avoid accidental corruptions on Unix environment is not 

DERBY-6 Trigger of the form: create trigger ... values myFunction(); 
has no effect.
DERBY-30 Connection.close() method inconsistently throws exception on 
closed connection
DERBY-38 Make LOCKS as non-reserved keyword in Derby since it is not a 
reserved keyword in the SQL standards

patches applied in this release:
[PATCH] Optimization of 
[PATCH] Set Derby's build number to be the subversion revision number
[PATCH] derby.war file build
[PATCH] derby.log file error message
[PATCH] Network servlet display only message key
[PATCH] added 3 more parser generated files to the clobber target in 
main build.xml
[PATCH] Various fixes to javadoc generation
[PATCH] Trigger Bug Fix
[PATCH] Fix to prevent empty log file switches that could cause 
recovery failures
[PATCH] ExternalSortFactory Bug Fix
[PATCH] Modify dblook messages to enable localization ...
[PATCH] minor bugs in dblook
[PATCH] Extension Packaging

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