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From Andrew McIntyre <fuzzylo...@nonintuitive.com>
Subject release status as of 9/6/2004
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 21:25:37 GMT
Hello all,

Here's a summary of the movement on the various issues concerning 
getting a first Derby release out there.

1 - IP/copyright concerns - See "Derby code copyright question" thread. 
Still up in the air. Waiting on resolution from Incubator PMC.

2 - Apply all currently pending bug fixes. I have the following list of 
submitted patches:

[APPLIED] [PATCH] Optimization of 
[APPLIED] [PATCH] Set Derby's build number to be the subversion 
revision number
[APPLIED] [PATCH] derby.war file build
[APPLIED] [PATCH] derby.log file error message
[APPLIED] [PATCH] Network servlet display only message key
[APPLIED] [PATCH] added 3 more parser generated files to the clobber 
target in main build.xml
[APPLIED] [PATCH] Various fixes to javadoc generation
[APPLIED] [PATCH] Trigger Bug Fix
[APPLIED] [PATCH] Fix to prevent empty log file switches that could 
cause recovery failures
[APPLIED] [PATCH] ExternalSortFactory Bug Fix
[APPLIED] [PATCH] Modify dblook messages to enable localization ...
[APPLIED] [PATCH] minor bugs in dblook
[PATCH] retrieveMessages... true by default in ij
[PATCH] Extension Packaging

Please let me know if there are any I am missing here. Note that the 
change copyright to ASF patch is not included here because of issue #1.

3 - Please speak up if you consider any of the currently logged bugs as 
a showstopper for the release. Current status of bugs fixed or targeted 
for the current release:

[FIXED] DERBY-24 Client should not be able to raise an event on a 
PooledConnection it no longer owns.

[FIXED] DERBY-30 Connection.close() method inconsistently throws 
exception on closed connection
[FIXED] DERBY-6 Trigger of the form: create trigger ... values 
myFunction(); has no effect.

4 - Content and form of the release. Right now we have:

- jar-only distribution (zip and tar.gz)
- jars, javadoc and HTML documentation (zip and tar.gz)
- distribution of jars to maven repository

Please speak up if you desire additional content or formats for this 

5 - Consensus on Derby's upgrade policy/version scheme. Upgrade policy 
in "[VOTE] Derby upgrade policy" thread accepted. Vote pending on 
versioning in "[VOTE] Derby versioning."

Please post other concerns if you have them.


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