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From Jan Hlavatý <hla...@code.cz>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Re: Help detecting client disconnects for network server
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 23:38:21 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:
> But this is certainly the most expedient way at the moment to reap
> silent client connections, and leaves open the possibility that we can
> have connections that are just silent for a long time, for whatever
> reason, or for some reason, keepalive is set to a lower value on the
> system than is desirable for the particular Derby application. +1

You seem to misunderstand keepalive mechanism. Keepalive has no effect
on connections that remain silent for a long time but are otherwise OK.
It's not a timeout that kills a quiet connection - its a connection health check
triggered by long time of inactivity that verifies the other end is still up.
It only kills connections which are broken (where one of the ends fails to ack
the keepalive probe). There is no need to turn off keepalive.
It has no effect on healthy connections. Its only effect is dead connections where
one of the ends went down without telling the other end are detected and closed.

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