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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: GiST indexes anyone?
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 19:37:15 GMT
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> From: Eric Davies <Eric@barrodale.com>

> Barrodale Computing Services are rather excited by the  open sourcing of
> Cloudscape (Derby).
> Specifically, we are interested in exploiting/augmenting Cloudscape's
> spatial capabilities. We have implemented spatial datatypes and
indexes for
> the Informix and postgreSQL in the past. But if we understand correctly,
> Cloudscape does not currently support spatial types nor indexing
> Certainly nothing on the features page suggests this.
> That being said, we heard rumours of a GiST "experiment" underway in
> Cloudscape.  If the GiST code could be made available, this would greatly
> facilitate the development, ultimately, of spatial indexes, including but
> not necessarily limited to R-tree indexes.  With a proper spatial index,
> Cloudscape could be applied to a much more interesting set of problems,
> particularly in areas related to GIS.

Yes, some prototype GiST code exists for Derby/Cloudscape. The access
layer of the Derby store does support pluggable indexing, at the code
level. The GiST code is at this level, I think it was only ever used at
that level, with some unit tests. That is it was not exposed up to the
SQL layer in any way. The code may prove to be useful or it may just be
an example for starting afresh. I will work on getting it out of IBM and
onto the Derby site.

I do think standard spatial data support for Derby is an excellent goal,
following the SQL/MM and/or OGC standards.


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