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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Derby documentation in PDF format
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 14:06:52 GMT
Jonas S Karlsson wrote:

>Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>>The IBM docs person generated html for each Cloudscape manual, with
>>multiple files per manual, and did a first pass at modifying them to
>>reflect the Derby name and to modify them so Forrest could ingest them. 
>>If I remember right, there are roughly 700 src files. Forrest ingests
>>those files, adds the site navigation, and outputs the built files.
>I can't find the source with the correct markup anywhere in the tree.
>I only find generated HTML files, I think.
I put a brief writeup on the Derby web site source files here:

The source files for the manuals are in
src/documentation/content/xdocs/manuals/*.ihtml .
Forrest puts the built files under build/site.

>I hope we're not planning on editing generated HTML-files, because
>that'd be a nightmare. It'd be like adding functionality and fixing bugs
>in Derby by directly modifying the compiled class files.
It isn't a terrific idea to edit the generated  HTML files; see

>>while to generate the web site. Right now, with PDF generation off, it
>>takes about 20 minutes to build the site on my Gentoo linux box. It
>8 minutes for me, actually Forrest seems to be built to allow for
>dynamic generation of pages from source, so one may not need to
>actually update/checkin html pages, but I guess that's a totally
>another issue.
8 minutes? You're on a faster box .... :-) Actually, the build time does
vary depending on what changes are being made. For example, changes to
the site.xml file result in longer build times.

Forrest builds any source files it finds under the xdocs subdirectory.
The generated html pages must be checked in. Those changes only become
visible when a Derby mentor issues an 'svn update' command; see

You have lots of excellent questions, which I'll try to capture into the
derby_web.html page. I whacked that page together quite quickly. Please
let me know how I can improve it to make it more helpful/useful.


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