if you don't need, nobody needs :)

you don't know me to say what I need :)
you are like Stalin, where are you from, which country?

why derby has SYSTABLES? for what? can you say? why can I access SYSTABLES?
it's a security hole, do not show schema to any user, use files with proprietary format,
why you use CATALOG/METADATA in a relational database? why should I create a parallel structure?

if derby has SYSTABLES why it's not complete?

who is adding TODOs ? can I add todo's or wishes for derby?

P.S. I think about CATALOG/METADA as a description of database, that help me know what is there, if I'm wrong please correct me, show me the good way

Jan Hlavaty wrote:
Veaceslav Chicu wrote:
I use that for schema documentation, my memory is not so good
I have a widget, with F1, app user can see comment for the field

You don't need support for COMMENT ON for that feature - you can do that
yourself with a help table.