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From "Jonas S Karlsson" <...@yesco.org>
Subject Re: moving patches between unix and windows?
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:54:38 GMT

Andrew wrote:
>I've been working with different patches and trying to move patches 
>back and forth between different Unix and Windows machines for testing 
>and it's a bit of a pain. Going either way, line-ending conversion is 

"man patch" says:

 patch  tries to skip any leading garbage, apply the diff, and then skip
 any trailing garbage.  Thus you could feed an article or  message  con-
 taining  a  diff  listing  to patch, and it should work.  If the entire
 diff is indented by a consistent amount, or if a context diff  contains
 lines ending in CRLF or is encapsulated one or more times by prepending
 "- " to lines starting with "-" as specified by Internet RFC 934,  this
 is  taken  into  account.   After  removing indenting or encapsulation,
 lines beginning with # are ignored, as they are considered to  be  com-

I don't think that unixtools expect the source to contain CRLF
which I believe all of Derby code does. This often shows up as
"extra" ^M at the end of each line in emacs for example...

It seems that patch does it's best to ignore CRLF in the diff input
that it takes, but maybe it doesn't handle it in the actual source.


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