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From "Jonas S Karlsson" <...@yesco.org>
Subject Re: [WEB] Please 'svn update' for new Papers tab
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:20:48 GMT

A suggestion...

Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> I checked changes into svn that initialize a "Papers" tab for the web
> site with the following content:
> - Derby Engine Architecture Overview
> - Derby JDBC Implementation Notes
> - Derby Web Site description that explains how to update the web site

Good work,

Jean, these descriptions you write of what the impact is of what
you've check in are very good, I just wish they were part of the log.

There is nothing, I assume, that forces the log to be only one line.
And having to write a clarification separately kind of indicates
that the information provided in the "Log:" isn't sufficient
self explainatory.

> Log:
> Initialized Papers tab

I believe that these svn logs in general are very helpful when a
release is performed because they can provide enough information for
writing the CHANGES file.

I.e., this is not directed to you personally but as a reminder to
committers in general. I know other tools we've been using previusly
had limitations regarding displaying/entering log messages (< 60 chars).



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