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From "Jacob Barrett" <Jaco...@Attachmate.com>
Subject RE: User Defined Types
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 17:24:31 GMT
Well as I thought, it wasn't that hard to add it back in.  All the code
was still there, IBM had only removed the code from the SQL statement
parser to create tables with such fields.  I have it working to some
degree.  I just added a data type "JAVA" to the parser.  It should be
more elegant though, probably taking a Java type as well to provide some
type safing, right now it just supports anything that implements
java.io.Serializable.  I haven't looked at the SQL99 spec ye, but if
implementing it in that manor works for my needs I will try to do it
that way.

I am working with my legal department still to get sign off on
introducing patches back to the project.  As soon as get it I will post
my patches.

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