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From Andrew McIntyre <fuzzylo...@nonintuitive.com>
Subject moving patches between unix and windows?
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:21:13 GMT
Hi all,

I've been working with different patches and trying to move patches 
back and forth between different Unix and Windows machines for testing 
and it's a bit of a pain. Going either way, line-ending conversion is 

When going from Unix to Windows, it requires changing the LFs to CRLFs 
by opening in wordpad (but not notepad) and saving to change the line 
endings or doing "perl -p -e 's/\r/\n\r/g'  < in.patch | patch".

When going from Windows to Unix, you have to convert the line endings 
with "perl -p -e 's/\n/\r\n/g' < in.patch | patch -p0". This would seem 
to be adding another carriage return to the CRLF, but that's what works 
for me. And sometimes I can't get it to work at all, and it seems to 
depend on how forgiving that particular machine's patch command can be. 
  (Unix here refers to Linux, Mac OS X, or Solaris, I get pretty much 
the same results on any platform)

Applying patches from mail is usually not a problem, but only because 
my native mail programs converts the line endings for me. However, some 
mail programs word wrap the patch and truncate the lines where patch 
does not expect them to be broken, thus causing patch to choke at the 
first place where word wrap occurs. This just may be user error on my 
part, or maybe the mail program isn't paying enough attention to the 

So, question is: is there a way to get around having to convert the 
line endings? Some magic option to patch to tell it to ignore the line 
endings in the patch and affected files? Or is this just the pain of 
working in a mixed Windows/Unix environment?


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