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From Joseph Grace <oc...@serv.net>
Subject Re: java1.4.2 "rws" mode - log write performance - OSX numbers
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 19:22:55 GMT

> Does Mac  OS  has concept of write cache enabling  ?   Numbers below
> are with write cache enabled/disabled ?

Yes, OSX has write cache enabling.  Presumably it's on by default 
(though I admit to not knowing how to confirm that), so my numbers 
include it.  That's why I ran the test under a variety of 
circumstances.  Benchmarks are hard, and the numbers vary a lot, so I 
flagged the variance.  I'm not sure what all the factors are, but I 
believe your (implied) suspicion that cache'ing is one such factor.

= Joe =

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