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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Re: Jira bug tracking system for Derby - what you need to know & do
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 16:56:03 GMT
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Ron Reuben wrote:

> Please provide your input to the following:
> 1. Adding components for Derby
> We need to define "components" in Jira for Derby.  These are the modules
> that you would consider to be buggy in the Derby code when you file a
> new issue in Jira.  I propose the following set to begin with:
> Unknown - when user does not know component (remember any "developer"
> can update this later)
> Build tools - for bugs/issues with the build scripts
> Documentation - for issues with Derby documentation
> JDBC- for bugs/issues that can be attributed to the JDBC driver
> Language - for bugs/issues that can be attributed to query
> parsing/processing/optimizing etc
> Localization - when localization is the issue
> Network Server - for network server related bugs/issues (including
> Security - for bugs/issues related to security
> Storage - for bugs/issues related to the storage of data on disk (i.e.
> disk storage module)
> Test - for bugs/issues with the tests
> Tools - for bugs/issues with ij, dblook, import/export & sysinfo
> XA - for bugs/issues related to XA support
> Please post your suggestions for components

If the components are to match the code layout then I would say

SQL instead of Language
Store instead of Storage

Add Services for the code under services

Not sure we need a separate componenet for XA, why not just put those
bugs under JDBC?

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