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From Thomas Hawtin <tackl...@claranet.com>
Subject Re: SQL/DDL Limitations (and DB2)
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:19:58 GMT
Satheesh Bandaram wrote:
> I did some searching on the internet. I found this table about some of 
> the DDL maximum lenghts. (Haven't verified) If Derby increases 
> constraint name length to 128, looks like it would break application 
> migration to both Oracle and DB2, the top two enterprise databases.

My 2p: A couple years back I had to work with an Oracle schema which had 
a consistent set of naming conventions, including for foreign key 
constraints. That was great because I was, as a side effect, attempting 
to generate their DDL. One of the problems I ran into was that a few of 
the names were too big. The human had then abbreviated arbitrarily.

I don't like the idea of introducing random constraints which will 

Tom Hawtin

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